Ranmaru Miura

Basketball Jersey: Number 8 Height: 173 cm Position: Shooting Guard Miura has a calm and quiet personality. He appears to be Fujiwaras best friend since middle school. Miura was seen not to have good stamina at the beginning of the series. He plays the shooting guard position in the team. It was mentioned in the manga that he would rather be scoring points then being the playmaker of the team. Among the five Miuras shot percentage is probably the highest when it comes to 3 pointers. He is also talented at stealing balls from his opponents. During the match verus Kadena Nishi he is forceed to shoot NBA 3 pointers to help Mizuho win the match. Unfortanately he was injured due to a foul made by Kenta Shimabukuro. Miura attended Mizuho Junior High and was Fujiwaras teammate at that time as well. In the anime Keiko Ogami of the girls team seems to have a crush on him.