A maid or rather a mysterious organism that comes from the Maid Planet in the anime Maid Country. It looks like she sprouted rather than being born. According to her shes quotthe end of human evolution.quot She has a frilly thing on her head it looks like a typical maid headdress that can turn into a boomerang cutlery or even tissue paper. Also the hair on her head can be used in similar ways. If anyone else wears it it will self destruct or suck blood out of the person wearing it it doesnt work on Kanatos mom though. Her dream for the future is to become a sumo wrestler. Her head and body can be easily separated. Taking off her head is no problem at all. Up down left or right her body is structurally symmetrical in all directions. Normalsized humans can enter her body through her mouth. She has blue short hair. Her eyes are green. Wikipedia