Otome Arisugawa

有栖川 おとめ

Otome is a student of Starlight Academy. She is a Pop type idol, and her favorite brand is Happy Rainbow. Through the events since her debut, she is known as the one who pushed herself the most putting Ichigo Hoshimiya and Mizuki Kanzaki beside, created her own idol unit Powapowa-Puririn and created two versions of its debut song, and eventually succeeded Mizuki as the Starlight Queen.

Otome has a bubbly personality. She adores cuteness and often adds "Love You" or simply "Love" to almost every sentence. She speaks in first-person and generally uses the honorific "-tan" (e.g.: Ran-tan, Sakura-tan) when referring to her friends. Like Ichigo, she is very carefree and has a immense love for cute things, such as kittens and rainbows and is air headed. Otome is a very hard worker, and she will train for at least a year in advance. In episode 11, it was thought that she has a crush on Suzukawa, but it was his necklace she fell in love with. Even though Otome is somewhat clumsy like Ichigo, she fears that she will make a mistake during the real thing. Otome always performs with all her heart.

(Source: Aikatsu Wikia)