Mikhail Blanc

ミハエル・ブラン, Michael/Michel
Altos classmate and friendly rival. He is an excellent marksman and his motto is to always acquire his targets be it an enemy or a womanmaintaining his reputation as a considerable ladies man. He is the originator of Altos nickname Alto Hime Princess Alto. Aside from leading a normal school life he is also the 2nd Lieutenant of the S.M.S. Skull Squadron and pilots a blue VF25G gunner/sniper version. He initially expresses doubt over Alto joining the Skull Squadron but later accepts him. For normal daily life he wears corrective glasses. His older sister Jessica took care of him since childhood after their parents died but she commited suicide a few years ago after being disgraced by a friendly fire incident. Michael is also one of the most observant characters noticing the love triangle between Alto Ranka and Sheryl as well as catching on to Graces insidious plot behind the scenes. Childhood friend of Klan Klan. He also has a nickname which is Michel.