Chihiro Komiya

小宮 千尋

Chihiro Komiya is an elementary school student who begins working as a housekeeper at his wealthy uncle's home after his mother dies. He likes things to be clean and is also a good cook.

Chihiro has long, loose brown hair and olive eyes. When people from his mother's side of the family see him, they think he is the spit and image of his mother. Chihiro is of average build for a fifth grader; however, he is sometimes mistaken for a girl due to his appearance. He wears a frilly uniform made by his uncle, who loves girls' clothing with frills.

Chihiro is a neat freak who takes it upon himself to be Madoka's housekeeper, which proves to be difficult because his uncle is a slob and a packrat. He is also good at cooking, as demonstrated when he makes meals every day for Madoka and himself. His highly disciplined ways conflict with the carefree ways of his uncle, which leads to him scolding Madoka on many occasions. Though he initially feels apathetic toward Madoka, he comes to genuinely love and appreciate him over time.