Bathory Spitzen

바토리 르제베트

Age: >200 Date of birth: May 1st Height: 1.55 Hair: Pink Eyes: Pinkish red Occupation: High school student Bathory is a pureblood succubus and a mysterious student at Arzew Academy.

Her mother is revealed to be the older sister of Angela and younger sister of Carmilla. After being abandoned by her mother, Bathory Erzebet spent the first 100 years of her life in the Navaru's mansion, watching over the corpse of Elize Trenkel Navarus. The miracle of the baby being alive inside a corspe for so many years, gave Bathory the hope to get out in the real world. Bathory, then, began her search for her last remaining family member, Angela Erzebet. After not finding any leads in Crepuscule to Angela's whereabouts, Bathory's search lead her to the human world. After 30 years of searching and not finding any clues, Bathory decided to ask for the help of Nergal. Nergal then inprisoned her and tortured her in order to have Bathroy use her ability to help him find Carmilla. Eventually, Bathory managed to escape from Nergal's mansion and went to Ratatusk Navarus. Since she had nowhere to go and she needed social status, she accepted Navarus bargain to join Carne's Student Council, in exchange for staying in his mansion. Because of her youthful appearance Bathory was able to join Arzew as a student under the alias of "Bathory Spitzen". Bathory has an episodic meeting with Lark the first day the boy comes to Crepuscule.

(Source: Crepuscule Wikia)