Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus

라타투스크 트란켈 나바루스

Race: Pureblood Vampire Age: First Generation Date of birth: October 30st Height: 1.86 Hair: Black Eyes: Red Occupation: Director of Arzew Academy, Ruler of the Navarus region Ability:


Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus is the Director of Arzew Academy and the ruler of the Navarus region. He is Setz's son. He is always seen wearing dark clothes and a cloak. He carries a cane with him wherever he goes, which he uses to perform magic. He is always gloomy and is never seen smiling. He is cold-blooded and merciless. He does not hesitate to torture and intimidate the people he needs. He shows no motivation to gain the trust or sympathy of others. Navarus seems completely empty of feelings for others, even when it comes to his own son.

Navarus' wife, Elize Trenkel Navarus, died about 500 years ago, while being pregnant. However, for unknown reasons, her body didn't rot and her baby continued to be alive in her belly. Navarus was exceptionally close to his wife, so her death became a great shock to him. The loss of his wife is likely the reason his confident, outgoing personality became gloomy. After five centuries, Sekreuz Trenkel Navarus was born and soon afterwards, Elize's body decayed to bones. Since Navarus never married another woman after his wife's death, people assumed that Setz was his adopted son. In the past, Navarus used to be close friends with Mor Greyfell right until Mor's death. They had made a promise to marry their children before both Carne and Setz were even born. Around 20 years ago, when Angela woke up, Navarus hid her in his mansion and asked her to search for a medicine that will make vampires' bodies invulnerable to their weaknesses. His goal is to get vampires out of Crepuscule and take them in the human world, once again.

(Source: Crepuscule Wikia)