Haruto Tokishima

時縞 ハルト

Birthday: October 15 Zodiac: Libra Gender: Male Height: 173 cm Blood type: O Haruto is the main protagonist of Valvrave the Liberator. He is a high schooler living in Jior. During an attack from the Dorssia Military Pact Federation, he discovers a mysterious mecha called Valvrave, eventually becoming its pilot. Haruto always tried to avoid conflict, claiming that fighting is not the best way to deal with issues. However, when Haruto's childhood friend Sashinami Shouko was seemingly killed during the Dorssian invasion, it shows that Haruto has a vengeful side as he attempts to avenge Shouko (whom he thought died in the Dorssian attack) by piloting the Valvrave despite not knowing how to do so. (Source: Valvrave Wikia)