Sia Kul

시아 쿨

Race: Zombie Vampire Age: 15 Date of birth: October 3rd Height: 1.83 Hair: Silver Eyes: Red with concentric circles Occupation: High school student Ability:Not awakened Sia Kul is a zombie vampire. He is a freshman student at Arzew, Lark's roommate and Sai Kul's younger brother. He is the second friend Lark makes at Arzew, after Seere. He belongs to a wealthy trading household. Sia has a very laid-back, lazy attitude. What he enjoys the most is sleeping. Due to his mutant nature, he is indifferent to most things and people, but, inside, he is happy to have made real friends for the first time, in his new year at Arzew. Sia has a crush on Seere, because of how good the girl is to him.

Sia was born with his sensory system diminished, so a while after his birth, he was declared a mutant. Since he was very little, Sia showed his great abilities at swordmanship. Laura James was then chosen to teach the boy. Sia attended Arzew since elementary. But, after he graduated, he dropped school in order to sleep. Three years later, Sai convinced his brother to take the entry exam for Arzew high school.

(Source: Crepuscule Wikia)