Lazy Hemisphere

ワジ ヘミスフィア, Wazy

His name is pronounced as 'Wazy' and not 'Lazy'. Wazy is the owner of the Trinity bar in the old town area and is the head of the gang 'Testament'. He is first introduced when the SSS is sent to stop a disturbance in the old town caused by the Testaments and a rival gang. He is then encountered again later in the story and helps Lloyd and another (picked by the player) from the SSS to dress up for an undercover operation. Not much is revealed about him throughout the story of Zero no Kiseki, a mysterious character. He does not fight with any weapons but relies on martial arts for combat. Like Noel, Wazy is playable once as a guest in Zero no Kiseki and becomes a full-time character in the sequel as a member of the SSS, where more details on him and his past are revealed.