Nozomi Kobuchizawa

小淵沢望, Buchi

Hiro's friend. A bespectacled otaku-like boy. Called "Buchi" by Hiro. Once stalked Reiri and found out she was a vampire, but that part of his memory was then erased by Reiri. He accompanies Hiro and Princess Sherwood on monster-hunting expeditions as a cameraman, showing some shock at the supernatural happenings, such as thinkinh the guides they hired are in costumes. He often gets Hiro to go with him to investigate rumors of supernatural happenings, which almost always turn out to be true. It is suggested that he has a crush on Francesca. In the anime he also secretly takes pictures of Hime, Sawawa, and Riza. He especially interested in the well-endowed maid Sawawa. He sneaks into the mansion with Yoshida and Murayama to find out the relationship between Hiro and the girls. (Source: Wikipedia)