Daughter of Vermillion and granddaughter of Akela. She grows up together with Mowgli and his brothers and in the beginning of the series, she often quarrels with Mowgli and doesn't accept him as a wolf. Since she's grown up without her father (he left the pack after the fight with Alexander), she longs for him and kind of gives Mowgli the fault for his disappearance (since he's Alexander's son). She gives of an "ojou-sama"-aura (she often acts like she is superior to Mowgli and his brothers) and is kind of a tsundere, since, in critical moments, she actually worries about Mowgli. Throughout the series, she matures in different ways and her attitude towards Mowgli also changes significantly.

Later in the series, she actually falls in love with Mowgli, but he is ignorant to her love. Instead, Sura has fallen in love with Lala, but she has no interest in him. When Lala hears by chance, how Bagheera advices Mowgli to avoid Lala, since he knows a love between human and wolf has no future, she is heart-broken and accidentally gets herself in danger. Sura saves her risking his life and Lala understands his feelings for her. Later it is shown that she gets two cubs together with Sura.