Mio Sakamoto

Age: 20 The first Strike Witch and subcommander of the unit with the commissioned rank of Squadron Leader and official rank of Major. Mio is also the oldest witch at nineteen later twenty years old and like Yoshika comes from Fuso. She is seemingly the toughest and most mature of the Witches being an experienced veteran of the early fighting against the Neuroi. She knew Yoshikas father while he was first designing the Striker Unit and was the first person to pilot one. Her usual task is to train new recruits and in this role she becomes a very strict disciplinarian appropriately gaining the ears and tail of a Doberman when equipped with her Striker. Otherwise she is quite friendly if a little too forward at times with a very distinct laugh. Under Mios eyepatch is a magic eye that grants her increased visual prowess and the ability to spot Neuroi cores when used. Being 19/20 years old however Mios magical power has aged too far for her to erect effective shields in combat however she can still fly and use her magical eye. Carries a 13mm Type99 Machinegun into a battle along with a magical katana strapped to her back capable of cutting apart giant Neuroi. Her Striker Unit is based on the A6M Zero in second season she receives a new Striker based probably on the Kyuushuu J7W1 Shinden and she herself is based on Saburo Sakai and Tetsuz Iwamoto. Source: Wikipedia