ビルス, God of Destruction
Beerus is powerful yet lazy and playful like most cats. His similarities to catlike behavior also display in his love for long sleep sessions and how he grooms himself. Beerus is always in a bad mood when he wakes up from his deep slumber but becomes less grumpy the more awake he is. Similar to many cats he likes to display dominance and will claim whatever he desires to have without much consideration for how it will affect others. He is also a gourmet and his planet is stocked with fish and other sorts of food. While he is a fearsome god his catlike gestures and his variety of facial expressions separate him from the more malevolent antagonists in the series. He has a very indifferent behavior toward death being the God of Destruction and cares little to none about death and the billions possibly trillions of lives he has taken over the years he has been the God of Destruction. He often uses the threat of destroying Earth as a means to get what he wants or as a simple warning to Whis and the other Z fighters.