Ersha Sermenys

에르샤 세르메니스

Race: Pureblood Vampire Age: 15 Date of birth: November 11 Height: 1.50 Hair: Light Blue Eyes: Red Ability: Not awakened Occupation: High school student Ersha Sermenys is the heir of the wealthy Sermenys family. She is a freshman student at Arzew Academy. Ersha has a closed personality. Appart from her two close friends, Seere and Seeren, she treats coldly, even with hostility, the other students. She is indifferent to her surroundings, in most cases. She is gloomy and, until now, she has been never seen smiling.

The Sermenys family follows the tradition of intermarrying within their race, so as to keep the purity of their blood. So, Ersha was born as the heir of the Sermenys family, even though she was her mother's second child. Her older brother was locked away indefinitely due to the belief that the he was a product of adultery, since the concentric circles in his eyes should not be possible with two pureblood parents. At young age, Ersha met her older brother, who was kept in the basement, but he didn't respond when she spoke to him. Not knowing who the boy was, Ersha had to ask her father about the boy's identity. While in Arzew, Ersha regularly leaves school, to try to locate her brother, who disappeared a few years ago without a trace. Finding her brother is very important to her.

(Source: Crepuscule Wikia)