Gilles de Rais

์งˆ ๋“œ ๋ ˆ

Race: Pureblood Ghost Age: First Generation Date of birth: December 25 Height: 1.79 Hair: White Eyes: Violet Occupation: Head of the Council Ability:


Gilles de Rais is the head of the Council that rules Crepuscule. Gilles was one of the most fanatical followers of Carmilla during her plan to create a new world for vampires. After Crepuscule was created, Gilles became the head of the Council. Gilles' ruthless and obsessive control of the Council has ensured order in the world. He is obsessed with the world's stability. He is very ruthless and would do anything to eliminate someone who is trying to destroy the order he has created. If he suspects anything of that short, he won't let it go. He is merciless enough to allow sacrifices for what he considers to be the best for the world. (Source: Crepuscule Wikia)