Yajirou Kojima

虎島 弥次郎, Rear Guard Tiger
Yajirou Kojima is a swordsman also known as the Rearguard Tiger who battles in an attempt to bring about world unity. A former rebel he was working as a mercenary until he met Rushuna. Although Yajirou disdains the use of firearms he is skilled enough to parry bullets with his sword as well as slice massive cannon shells in two. Yajirou hates guns because he believes that gunners see the weight of a persons life in how hard it is to pull the trigger. However he later states that he does not see Rushuna in the same light as he does other gunners. The route that he Rushuna and Mikan take towards Tentos capital by crossing Mt. Charanbo and then White Wizard Lake retraces the same route that he followed when he was with the rebel army that attempted to invade the capital a year and a half ago and is thus memoryladen for him. Rushuna calls him Yatchan an informal name he is initially irritated with but grows to accept. He loves Rushuna. In the manga he belonged to a branch family of the Kojima clan This clan was led by Midare Kojima and his sister Suguna. Yajirou intended to go out and make a name for himself ensuring the safety of his village. While on a journey Suguna gave her life to save Yajirous own. Source: Wikipedia