Wakatoshi Ushijima

牛島若利, Super Ace,The Lefty,Ushiwaka,Ushiwaka-chan,Japan

Team: Shiratorizawa Academy
Age: 18
Birthday: August 13
Height: 189.5 cm (6' 2.6")
Weight: 84.8 kg (187 lbs)
Year: 3rd Year, Class 3
Number: 1
Position: Wing Spiker
Favorite Food: Hayashi rice
Current Concern: None.

Wakatoshi Ushijima is a third year at Shiratorizawa Academy and the captain and ace of the school's boys' volleyball team. Currently, he is the number one ace in the Miyagi Prefecture and one of the country's top three aces, along with Sakusa and Kiryu.