Doctor Ban

蛮 ドクター

Ban is the Arcadia's medical officer in the SSX series. He was rescued by Harlock when his ship was attacked by the Seawolves (a bunch of real space pirates,) who murdered all passengers but himself and his charge, Revi Bentselle. A gruff but kind man, and one of the only Matsumoto doctors who doesn't have a bottle in his mouth 24/7,

Ban ultimately diagnoses Tochiro's space sickness as terminal, and struggles to keep the bad news from the rest of the crew, at Tochiro's insistence. Despite his promise, he must eventually tell Harlock of his friend's impending death.

In Galaxy Express 999, Maeter's father, whose spirit is contained in the amulet she wears, is also named "Dr. Ban," but there's no indication ever given that the two characters are supposed to be one and the same; indeed, it seems outright impossible that there could be any connection between them at all. Don't ask me, man; I only work here. (Source: cornponeflicks)