Velveno (ベルベノ Berubeno) is an escaped convict with a 2,000,000 Jewels bounty on his head, which has been increased to 4,000,000 Jewels by the year X791. Velveno is mentioned briefly after Fairy Tail member Gray Fullbuster accepts a job request with a 2,000,000 Jewels reward for Team Natsu to capture him. However, they cancel the job after Lucy Heartfilia goes to rescue her father Jude from Naked Mummy.

When he was young, Velveno served for the Balsamico family and fell in love with Count Balsamico's daughter Aceto, with whom he had a friendly relationship with. Due to this, Count Balsamico drove him out of the mansion. Velveno tried to visit Aceto from time to time, but the Count refused to let him, pointing out the difference in their social positions. Velveno tried to ignore his feelings for Aceto as a result, eventually causing him to turn to crime, which subsequently led to his arrest. While in jail, Velveno began to regret not telling Aceto how he felt, leading him to escape and become a fugitive with a 2,000,000 Jewels bounty on his head. He sought to reunite with Aceto, who now only made public appearances at her family's magical ball held at Balsamico Palace once every seven years for the sole purpose of finding a suitor for her.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wiki)