ラビ, Bookman Junior, Baka Usagi
Birthdate: August 10 Age: 19 Height: 177cm 59 179cm 510 Weight: 62 kg 136 lbs 68 kg 150 lbs Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green Blood Type: O Nationality: Mixed Race Relatives: Bookman Likes: Yakiniku sleeping annoying Kanda Yuu Dislikes: Wasabi Interests: Reading First Appearance in Anime: Episode 12 A cheerful redhaired Exorcist of mixed race who aims to become a Bookman and is working along the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen. To help him he developed an incredible memory: he is able to memorize every single aspect of something he saw but he commented in chapter 101 that he could identify the key the key which Tyki Mikk gave faster if he were to use both his eyes when sieving out the real key from the fake. He is 18 years old and normally uses his left eye while the right eye is covered by an eyepatch. His antiAkuma weapon is a sizeshifting hammer which he calls zuchi Kozuchi lit. big hammer small hammer or Nyoibo. It can grow man or extend shin. The weight increases with its size but since Lavi is the conformer the weight does not effect him however it does to everyone else. His hammer can also summon several judgments with kanji possibly representing the classical elements that can be used individually or combined. However between some of the seals are question marks. This probably means that Lavi has some seals that he has yet to learn from his Innocence. His techniques so far are: Hi Ban: Gouka Kaijin lit. Fire Seal: Conflagration of Ash: using the fire seal to create a torrent of flames with the form of a snake Ten Ban: Raitei Kaiten lit. Heaven Seal: Thundering Lightning Whirling in the Skies: using the heaven seal to liberate an immense lightning Moku Ban: Tenchi Bankai lit. Wood Seal: Roots Entwining Heaven and Earth: using the wood seal to control objects in nature Konbo Ban: Gouraiten lit. Combo Seal: Strong Thunder of the Heavens: using both fire and heaven seals to create a huge snake of fire and iron. Also making a shieldlike flame wall. It was shown when Bookman told Lavi to use the wood seal to clear the clouds Three Akuma were hiding behind the clouds. Lavi stated that he forgot he could use it to affect nature directly and as he remembered it the question mark turned into a kanji that he used right away. If seen more carefully the kanji for the wood seal can be seen throughout the manga whenever Lavi summons his seals long before the use of the actual seal itself e.g. during the use of the heaven seal. At the moment just before its first use the seal can be seen just behind Lavis head and had never transformed from a question mark in the first place. The marks of water and earth also appear among his seals. He likes to call Bookman Panda due to the thick black circles around his eyes a converted Akuma Chomesuke and Arystar KroryKurochan in the anime and Krochan in the manga. He is the only character other than General Tiedoll to call Kanda by his given name that name being Yuu also translated as Y or Yuu and apparently speaks to him outside of missions a fact that was shown when he called Allen beansprout moyashi saying that if Kanda could call him that Lavi could as well as he is the same age as Kanda. He has a habit of teasing Allen and deems himself as his big brother. A recurring gag in the series is Lavis fondness for beautiful older women whenever he sees a woman his type Example: Eliade hell yell out Strike with hearts in his eye. Source: Wikipedia