Hitohito Tadano

只野仁人, Shigeo, †JIN-JIN†
Birthday:Sep 29
Initial Age:15
Blood Type:O
Height: 168 cm 170.2 cm later Position: President Relatives: Hitomi Tadanohttps://anilist.co/character/130878/HitomiTadano younger sister Hitohito Tadano is a person average in almost every way. His name means just some guy. He is the first to befriend Shouko Komihttps://anilist.co/character/121956/ShoukoKomi. Tadano is often described as an ordinary student with normal looks and average height and weight. His style of clothing is also considered to be relatively typical. His lone standout feature is the white cowlick in his black hair. When he was forced to crossdress during the Cultural Festival he was admired implicitly by the boys and Komi. His crossdressing incorporates a short redhaired girls wig with pigtails. Tadano suffered from chuunibyou in his second year of middle school. After confessing to a girl who immediately rejected him he began to be selfconscious of his identity and drastically altered his style and outlook on life making himself less noticeable to others. Almost everything about him height weight appearance academic achievements athletic abilities ice skating skills is perfectly average. Despite his lack of talents hes been shown to be good at observing and buying gifts for people. On his first day of high school he met Komi and was seated next to her. He later deduced that she had a communication disorder and became invested in helping her make 100 friends.