Canon Memphis

カノン・メンフィス, Kanon Hazama, 羽佐間カノン
Canon enters the series in episode 11 along with Michio. The two are the ace Fafner pilots of the New United Nations Human Army. She is an excellent and seasoned warrior despite her youth a result of the wartorn life she has led. She is originally from Dublin Ireland which was completely annihilated four years prior to the series. All her family slaughtered she is taken in by Hino Michio a Human Army soldier who teaches her the ways of the soldier. Hardened by a lifetime of fighting she now simply exists and follows orders unable to act decide desire or do anything of her own will. When she arrives on Tatsumiya she is at first offended and then confused by the peaceful world she encounters there. Over time though she begins to understand and accept peace and wants desperately to belong there. She becomes friends with Sakura and the other pilots and seems to develop some deeper interest in Kazuki. She is assigned to live with Hazama Youko whom she slowly opens up to. Canon is a wonderfully constructed character who could have been a cliche but is not. She represents the hope that mankind despite having lived in a nonstop war for the past 30 years can remember and return to a life of peace. Canon pilots the Babylon Fafner which is not a Nothung model like those on Tatsumiya and later temporarily pilot the Mark Drei III. animeNFO