Kentarou Gou

ラ・ゴール=剛健太郎(ごうけんたろう), Prince La Gour, Doctor Ned Armstrong, Baron Hrothgar

Professor Kentarō Gō is the father of the three Gō brothers and also of the Boazanian attack force leader, Prince Heinel; making Prince Heinel a half-brother of the three Gō brothers. He is a royal-blooded Boazanian born without horns and was next in line to the throne of Boazania. Due to this abnormality, based on Boazanian physical characteristics, he had to wear fake horns in order to avoid stigma and scandal. When his secret was revealed by his jealous and ambitious cousin, Zu Zambajil, he was branded a traitor, stripped of his title and imprisoned, until he was able to escape, leading him to planet Earth. After the birth of his youngest son, Hiyoshi, he left earth with the intention of returning to Boazania and putting an end to the tyrannical rule of, now Emperor, Zambajil. Voiced by Yū Mizushima in the original Voltes V series.