ガイアス, Dawn King,Arst Outway

Full name: Arst Outway Year of birth: Trames 2261 Place of birth: Ajur – Outway tribe territories Age: 32 (33 in Tales of Xillia 2) Height: 185cm/6'1" Gaius is the first king of Liese Maxia. Together with Rowen, his Prime Minister, he conducts diplomatic relations between Ra Shugall, A Jule, and Elenpios. Along with this, he attempts to solve the worries of his people by gathering information while disguised in public. Although he often appears heartless through his words and attitude, he is a passionate king who holds the phrase "Protect the weak" very strongly in his heart. His wields a katana as his weapon. Gaius and his ever-growing army finally seized Khan Baliq in Trames 2283, which was no easy feat, as the city has the best natural defenses in all Rieze Maxia. He proclaimed himself king of Ajur, but Merad managed to escape and tried to strike back with help from Rashugal. However, Gaius defeated him once and for all in the Battle of Arcando. Taurus was dismantled once Gaius became king, but most of its members got high ranks in the new Ajuri army. Gaius introduced a lot of reforms, such as the banning of killing in the coliseum. The big tribes lost their power and he united the whole of Ajur under him. While Merad ruled as a tyrant, Gaius cares about his people and listens to their demands. He spends a large part of his days meeting the people in his castle, and if important matters arise, he'd often go and see for himself. This makes him a well-loved and respected ruler of his country.

Gaius, then named Arst, was born in the small Outway tribe, which was under the control of the larger Londau tribe. His father was the tribe chief, and though he was weak and sickly, he was both strict and sensible, which made him a good chief. At the time, social division was strong due to the tribe system. The country was ruled by a king, Merad, and big influential tribes such as the Londau tribe or the Kitar tribe. The other, smaller tribes had little power of their own and conflict was common. Arst is unofficially the youngest person to win in the coliseum, as he was 12 when he accomplished that feat, and he did it without a lilial orb, too. However, his opponent in the finals was the son of a tribe chief who was close to the king, so his victory was never recognized. Gaius wanted to claim the Spear of Kresnik for himself to avoid others from using it for the wrong purposes. He clashed with Milla Maxwell over this matter, because she believed that the Spear should be destroyed – even if Gaius proved strong enough to not succumb to the temptation of using it, he would not be around eternally to watch over it. He realized that he hadn't considered the long term seriously enough, and he found new resolve as to what his role as king meant. The answer he gave Milla was that the strong ones must support and guide the weaks until they become strong in turn. He believes that the strong ones have a duty to move the world forward. Milla and he were very similar on many points, but their disagreement over what to do with the Spear lead them to fight each other during the Battle of Fayzabad, which opposed Ajur and Rashugal once again in the Fayzabad Swamp. But once the Spear was fired and soldiers from Elenpios invaded Rieze Maxia, he chose to save her, and they joined forces to reclaim Khan Baliq and fight Gilland. They were still in disagreement over certain issues, but they recognized each other's value. After her death, Gaius commented that never before had a woman have such a strong impact on him as Milla.However, new divergences of opinion lead them to oppose each other once more. Faced with the threat of gins, Gaius chose to save Rieze Maxia first, even if it meant leaving Elenpios to its fate. For that, he, with the help of Musee, imprisoned Maxwell within the Kresnik Spear to keep the Shell intact, and went around destroying gins. Milla and Jude, on the other hand, realized how important gins were to the people of Elenpios, and decided to find a way for them to keep them without endangering spirits or Rieze Maxians. That led to the discovery of origins, gins that did not kill spirits. But a lot of research was needed to even hope that origins could work, and Gaius thought that there was not enough time for that. A final confrontation was unavoidable. Gaius eventually lost his fight against them, and decided to believe in Jude and see what kind of future he would bring to the world. Milla releasing the Shell and becoming the new Maxwell would give them enough time to find a solution to the gin problem. With King Nachtigal's death, Rashugal was in chaos. The threat posed by Exodus had given both countries a common cause, which enabled Gaius, with help from Rowen, to unite both countries. By treating the Rashugali not as defeated enemies, but as equal people of Rieze Maxia, he quickly earned their trust and respect. After the events of Trames 2293 and the release of the Shell, he started working with Rowen and Elenpios's Prime Minister Marcia to forge peace and understanding between the two worlds.