Masumi Hayami

速水真澄, The Purple Roses Man
Birthday:Nov 3
Height: 180 cm He is Eisuke Hayamis adoptive son and the vice president of Daito Entertainment. Hes dropdead gorgeous elegant ambitious sly and a workaholic. He is brutally attempting to obtain the performance right of Crimson Goddess from Tsukikage that ultimately causes her acting school to disband. Hayami first appearance is when Maya got lost in his family Theater he is the President of the Daito Art Productions due to his father He was the one that showed Maya her seat. Hes not the type of character that that would have a real smile hes more of a cold heartless person the reason why is proven later in the series. The First time seeing Maya act changes his world Ever since hes stated to tease Maya and playing with roses and mostly with Purple Roses.