Noa Izumi

Birthday:Dec 17
Section 2 Division 2 Team 1: The bubbly perky redheaded labor otaku from Hokkaid. The main character of the show Noa is usually the one at the center of the action. Noa loves her labor much like a pet and named it Alphonse a name previously held by a pet dog and a pet cat she had while growing up. Shes impulsive and doesnt think things through but not nearly as much as Ohta. Noa is arguably the best pilot in Division 2 although both Clancy and Kumagami have shown extreme talent as well but rarely pilot. She has a natural affinity for labors and gets 110 out of it much to her partners amazement. She can drink quite a bit more than her coworkers and recovers from hangovers much faster since her family runs a liquor store. Source: Wikipedia