Motoharu Kaburagi

蕪木 元治, Kabu
Motoharu Kaburagi is Onoes colleague whom at first Onoe despised. At first Onoe despised Kabu because he had caught whathethoughtwashisgirlfriend hugging Kabu in the office. Ironically he was soon moved into a new section of journalism working alongside Kaburagi. His character is introduced as an attractive quite popular and cool photographer. Often you may see him smoking whether hes on the job or not most of the times he smokes when reflecting on something. He attracts attention from women everywhere and anywhere he goes inevitably redeeming himself a womanizer status. Despite his appearance Kabu is dedicated and serious about his job. He is steadfast when it comes to capturing evidence on a scoop even so much as to lend his body and deceive his subjects to gain information. Though he is deceitful and shameless for the sake of his job Kabu identifies that he is fake but towards Onoe he is honest and blunt. Kabu is captivated by Onoes honesty and often embarrasses Onoe by teasing. And he may not look it but he can be quite jealous over Onoe especially when it comes to Onoe amp his friend Masa He has a younger sister Shouri.