Leo Shishigami


Birthday: May 5th He's a legendary man, Leo. In brawls, with guns, even runnin' his mouth, there's no one better. However, it's his seduction of women that makes him famous. He'd see a woman and put the moves on her right there without giving a thought to anyone. I also have memories of those advances... hehe. He smelled of danger, that charming man. The war was supposed to have ended in 44. The repatriation ship went down on a sea mine, and after drifting ashore, he caused a misunderstanding, like he had wanted to get thrown in the internment camp. So he came back to Japan 3 years later, in 47. His own country had completely changed, and it had certainly become a confusing place. He left the repatriation office with no address, no place to go to. It was then he chanced to meet Rose. That is surely where it all began. (Source: VNDB)