Teppa Aizen

藍前 鉄破
Teppa Aizen is the Cloth Skill Enlightened whose father was also a Juttensen. Teppa is the 10th head of the Aizen Clan and has known Rushuna since they were children. He possesses a skill passed down through his family which took 300 years to perfect: the Aizen Style Armor Cloth Skill. It allows the user to transform any cloth into a living weapon or armor he personally uses adamantium cloth. He also uses explosive gauntlets. After Rushuna defeats him he allies with her and aids her when she later arrives in the capital. Teppa has also been a closet pervert since he was younger and is now a ladies man in the capital. Thanks to his adamantium cloth he is the only member of the Juttensen to survive the attack of the Jester after having failed to defeat Rushuna. In the manga Teppa and Rushuna did not know each other in childhood but still become friends after their first battle. Teppa became very infatuated with Rushuna after that and constantly tries to woo her but Rushuna is oblivious of his advances. Source: Wikipedia