Elizabeth Frederica Beurling

エリザベス・F・ビューリング, Elizabeth F. Beurling

Elizabeth F. Beurling (エリザベス・F・ビューリング?) is a witch of the 507th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Faraway Land and originally affiliated with the Britannian Air Force. Cold and often distant in demeanour, Beurling feels no need to engage in niceties, openly resentful of authority and beaueaucracy. Furthermore, she is a chain smoker and likely an alchoholic. Under this exterior, however, she's a girl who is fond and protective of her squadmates. She is considered to have a rather gloomy personality with a slightly suicidal streak and often has a bit of a depressed side to her, but shows supports for Tomoko Anabuki on her decisions in spite of her insubordinate personality. She is featured prominently in the Suomus Misfits novels. Her familiar is the Irish Setter. Although stated to be a Dachshund in the Misfits novels, it was later changed canonically. (Source: Strike Witches Wikia)