Dr. メカード

One of the main antagonists of the Jetters, MechaDoc is a human cyborg in charge of the Hige Hige Bandits' mechanical devices. He both maintains and invents them.

Not much is known about his past, other than that he was working on the discovery of the bomb elements. However, as he left the room, Bagura comes in and uses the research for his own work, though slightly altered. Since then, MechaDoc vows revenge to Bagura for taking his work and secretly plans a devious scheme while being a member of the Hige-Hige Bandits, revealed in "A Coup 'd'etat Erupts!" MechaDoc is also the creator of the Proto-Max Units. The first prototype - Bomber Zero, codename MA-0 - was sent to absorb the energy of Mighty Bomber, so that MechaDoc can learn more about the bomb elements and how to create bombs. However, Zero absorbed too much of Mighty, absorbing his memories too. After reawakening, Zero was then shut off by MechaDoc and sent to the ruins of the old Hige-Hige base. MechaDoc's latest unit - Max, codename MA-10 - is the perfected version of the prototype units, with the power to generate bombs as if he were a Bomberman.

[Source: Bomberman Wiki]