Sunao Konoe

近衛素奈緒, Daikon
Birthday: October 10 The main female protagonist of the story Sunao is a second year student in high school who tends to have a strong personality never being one to willingly back down. In the beginning of the story her family moves to a new town because of her mothers work as an actress. Ever since seeing her mother acting once when she was younger Sunao dreams of someday becoming an actress too and likewise is very passionate about drama in general. On her first day at her new school she adamantly wants to become a member of the drama club though is soon informed that their school has no such club yet established. This in turn makes her very determined to start one as soon as possible though its proving harder than she thought. During her first performance on stage when she was much younger she had gotten stage fright though a little boy who was also in the play managed to get her over it. One her first day at school she recognizes Leo as the little boy who helped her during her first play though it took more of a reminder via her pig tails and the childish phrase daikon meaning poor actor which earned him a slap in the face.