Duuz Delax Rex

Originally appeared in Outlaw Star as a stubborn hotheaded officer of a piratefighting group called Angel Links. He is much more relaxed than his Outlaw Star incarnation and tends to view humans as very inferior to his people. Duuz is the ships Platoon Commander. Known for being the most powerful among his people called Dragonites in Angel Links rather than Saurians he is unmatched in swordsmanship and barehanded combat. Highly powerful and deadly Duuz fights battles alone though he is assisted by Meifon Kosei and Valeria occasionally and never seems to suffer any kind of damage. He is so skilled that he can deflect bullets with his sword. Incidentally like Valeria he is often the most calm member of the entire crew silently polishing his cherished sword. He is also wise and contemplative and is able to read the enemies moves with little trouble as well as give advice like a wise old dragon. Duuz is a vegetarian and does not like seafood. In regards to his appearance he has different coloring for his scales and his eyes and a tail more like a crocodiles rather than the short stub he had in Outlaw Star. In Outlaw Star it was stated his species was genetically engineered from dinosaurs. In Angel Links Dragonites are their own people a naturally born race rather than a created one. Wikipedia