Tadatomo Ijuuin

伊集院忠知, Bacchi-Gu
The apparent leader of the Baka Trio BacchiGu is an overweight bespectacled pervert who has no shame. The arrival of beautiful girls to Kanenone seems to send him out of control. He does things such as drinking the bath water the girls recently bathed in to making a nipple print of his own nipples so he can imagine they belong to a girl. BacchiGu is considered to be the lead comic relief of the series although the series is mostly comedy and is the male mascot of Green Green. In episode nine he has a runin with the scarred male bear from a previous episode. During the episode he gets lost in the forest after getting separated from Midori. He sees the bear and mistakenly hugs it from behind thinking it is Taizo Tenjin. The bear thus misunderstands him and begins to rape with BacchiGu. The episode finishes with the scene of the bear raping BacchiGu although the act is hidden by a bush. Source: Wikipedia