Mamoru Takamura

鷹村守, The Bear Slayer, Japanese Hawk, Lord of perverts
Takamura is very hearty rude and often behaves vulgarly. He is a loud arrogant boaster who tends to refer to himself as Oresama a Japanese name suffix intended for people of great importance and he rarely ever shows a shred of consideration towards other fighters after a loss. Takamura was discovered on the streets by Coach Kamogawa Genji and his speed power and technique are all highlevel to the point that he is capable of handling both In Fighters and Out Boxers without too much trouble. Unlike most characters in Hajime no Ippo he has no special finishing blow but every punch he has possesses killer destructive power. With the wild power to always force out any situation he claims will happen he is a man who does everything he says he will. As the one who got Ippo Aoki and Kimura into boxing he is well respected at the Kamogawa Gym. Even though he constantly looks down on and ridicules their achievements his unrivalled strength and the few moments his true kindness leaks out prevent them from losing their respect for him. Takamura loves to pick on his fellow gym mates with Aoki usually the first on his list. Although he tends to get more serious when hearing about or training for his next match he still finds the time to play pranks on everyone and goof around. The character for Taka in his name means hawk and as a result he is sometimes nicknamed The Japanese Hawk by announcers and spectators most notably during his matches against Brian Hawk and David Eagle. He lives alone at the Ohta Inn apartment complex and his room is littered with junk old food pornography and even his boxing belts. His pompadour hairstyle is his trademark.