Aguero Agnis Khun

쿤 아게로 아그니스, Koon Aguero Agnis
Species: Human Gender: Male Height: 170cm Part 1 181cm Currently Rank: Regular Position: Light Bearer Khun Aguero Agnis is a defected son of Khun and is often referred to as Mr. Khun. He was expelled from the family because his older sister failed to become one of Jahads Princesses. He teamed up with Bam and Rak and passed multiple tests with them. He was assigned the Light Bearer position and showed clear talent in the field. He is a highly intellectual Regular who manipulates the rules of tests to suit his needs. Khun is depicted in the series as a coolheaded and highly intellectual character often the schemer of the group. He is also rather smug when his plans work. He is skilled in his manipulation of others and has the mindset of a ruler. He doesnt seem to be the type of person to follow the rules of others. He is rather friendly most of the time but can be extremely ruthless and is not above using others. He can also be rather playful while toying with people and finds great entertainment in seeing his results. Despite being ruthless Khun is a very sensitive person. He is definitely more human than most characters in the series he shows extreme care and caution particularly in matters involving Bam and Bams safety. Khun seems to have a somewhat guarded personality and doesnt trust others to complete tasks and instead takes the burden all for himself.