Age: 13 Pazu is an orphan who lives alone in a small hut atop a hill in Slag Ravine. While no mention is made of his mother his father was an avid aviator who though no one had believed him had previously discovered and photographed the floating kingdom of Laputa. After his death Pazu swore that he would find Laputa and prove his father right. Pazu has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt and orange vest blue pants that are patched at the knee a yellow cap and brown laced boots. Pazu is an energetic amicable young boy with a heart of gold always willing to help out wherever needed. Hes a dedicated and hard worker in the mines and is also particularly enamored with technology. Late one evening Pazu discovers a girl named Sheeta floating down from the sky. After being unsuccessful in his attempt to tell his boss of her appearance he takes her home and cares for her until she wakes. The two become quick friends and he tells her of his plans to finish an ornithopter to set off and find Laputa. Source: Ghibli Wiki edited