ネモ, Eleusis La Arwall
Origin: Tartessos Africa Birthdate: October 28 1843 Nemo is the captain of the submarine called Nautilus whose purpose is to destroy the NeoAtlanteans at all costs. He is a mysterious man with a dark past in fact only step by step we discover that he is Nadia039s father and the real Emperor of Atlantis. Though he could have all mankind under his command he chooses to live peacefully along with them on Earth as he believes in humans and in their ability to love. While he acts cold and aloof when he first meets Jean he nonetheless warms up to his outgoing cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Nadia meanwhile is very distrustful of him and is quick to accuse him of murder when he shoots a NeoAtlantean to save her from death. However she eventually learns to respect Nemo and at the end at last acknowledges him as her father. Nemo then dies after overloading the Neo Nautilis039s reactors to blow a passage out of Red Noah permitting the rest of the cast to return to Earth. Nemo039s name is a reminiscence of the Greek city Eleusis the place in Greece where the followers of Demeter met annually to initiate members into the ways of the Earthgoddess and Ra the sungod of Heliopolis in ancient Egypt. He is based on Captain Nemo literally meaning quotno manquot in Latin. He also bears a striking resemblance to another famous anime captain Bruno J. Global/Henry J. Gloval of the SDF1 Macross in Macross/Robotech. Additionally he wears a uniform similar to Captain Junzo Okita from Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers.