Jizabel Disraeli

ジザベル・ディズレーリ, Jezebel, Doctor
Alexis039 illegitimate son and Cain039s halfbrother. Jizabel is a sadistic doctor who works for Alexis039s secret organization Delilah. As a child he cared for the lives of animals but was tricked into eating his pet sheep by Alexis. Alexis also murdered his older sisters so their healthy organs could be transplanted into Jizabel039s sickly body. Upon learning of this Jizabel felt that he was unworthy of love and became depressed. Like Cain his back is scarred from Alexis039s whippings he sees the scars as quotsymbols of his father039s lovequot. He despises the close bond Cain has with Riff because he believes that unconditional love does not exist. He was Yuki039s favorite character to draw in the beginning. Source: Wikipedia