Tokaku Azuma

Birthday:Feb 24
Birthday: March 3 Height: 170cm 56 Tokaku is a distant and cold girl. Even at first glance she has the appearance of an assassin.She eventually grows to care for Haru in time even coming to the point of calling herself Harus protector. Azuma dislikes it when other people try to get close to her and she especially hates being called by her first name but Haru compromises and calls her Tokakusan. She is skilled with using knives and has exceptionally quick reflexes. It is soon revealed that Azuma has never killed anyone before despite possessing very useful skills as an assassin. Her family is a well known family of assassins. They say that the easts Azuma and the wests Kuzunoha are two assassination clans that existed in the country since ancient times. The Kuzunoha was the main branch and the Azuma is a branch family. However interactions between these two clans have almost died out. When she was little she lived with her grandmother and aunt where she was already practicing her skills by throwing stones to a dartboard. Her aunt tried to persuade Tokaku to leave her grandmothers house and come live in the city although her grandmother did not agree and called Tokakus aunt the disgrace of the Azuma Clan. Source: Akuma no Riddle Wiki edited