Touka Kirishima

霧嶋董香, Rabbit

Species: Ghoul
Birthday: July 1
Zodiac: Cancer
Age: 17, 18 after chapter 79, 20 in :re
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: O
Rc Type: Ukaku
Likes: School life, rabbits
Dislikes: Ghoul investigators, blockheads, classic literature

Touka is a ghoul successfully posing as a human and working as a waitress at a cafe which serves as a gathering place for other ghouls, as well as a food resource.

She saves Kaneki's life at one point and acts as a reluctant guide to him and his adaptation to the ghoul society. She doesn't like Kaneki much and has no qualms about expressing her dislike for him. She is very serious, tough and hard-working, trying to keep their district as safe for ghouls and humans as possible. Her powers and strength are also quite great and she makes for a formidable opponent.