Rize Tedeza

天々座 理世, Thé des Alizés

Birthday: 14th February
Blood Type: A
Height: 160 cm

Rize is a tough and headstrong girl. She secretly holds an insecurity of not fitting in and can sometimes feel lonely; for example, while she is an independent and physically strong person, she tries to act like an average teenage girl (even going as far as to pretend she can't lift a bag of coffee beans) so that she can appear more relatable to her friends. Rize can be blunt with her opinions and often acts as the voice of common sense in the group.

She is a part time worker at the Rabbit House Cafe. Her father is a soldier, which is why she is quite strict and carries around a pistol for protection; however, Rize is quite vulnerable against cute things, and also has a vivid imagination which can run away with her sometimes