Chiya Ujimatsu

宇治松 千夜, Uji Matcha Chiyo Mukashi

Birthday: September 19th
Blood Type: O
Height: 157 cm

Chiya is a very well-spoken, gentle and empathic girl. Who genuinely strives to make her business successful and accepts tasks that may nurture her abilities to be the head of an organization, as she considers it good practice. She's often seen to be a jokester, who fools around with Cocoa and gives her menú strange names. However, she is very mature and helps out her friends whenever they are in a slump, trying her best to give them pieces of advice and cheering her up. It has been said that Chiya is only goofing off and an airhead when Cocoa is around, however, if that is not the case, she is quite reliable and gives off the vibe of a very dependable person.