Yuu Kashima

鹿島 遊
Birthday:Oct 31
Height: 176 cm Blood type: O The prince of the school even though she is female. She is very popular among the female students and flirts with them. She is part of the drama club and is in class 2G. Kashima displays a somewhat princely personality often flirting with the girls and calling them hime Japanese for princess. She has a firm loyalty towards Hori whom she calls Horichansenpai and often seeks his attention. She tries to please Hori but more often than not misunderstands the situation and ends up getting things very wrong. For example she mistook Horis interest in shoujo manga as a desire to dress and act as a girl and ended up doing many embarrassing things to Hori such as leaving skirts in his locker. She has a habit of skipping class and club duties which finds herself in trouble with her drama club president Hori who literally has to go rough on her. She is known to excel in all school subjects and is good in all sports but is tone deaf. She dislikes pungent food.