Koutarou Amon

亜門鋼太朗 Floppy, Robed Giant, A-OWL
Birthday:Apr 7
Blood Type:A
Height: 191 cm A first class police investigator who investigates Ghouls also known as a Dove. He comes to the 20th ward with his mentor Mado Kureo to investigate Ghoul incidents in the area. He has a strong sense of justice fervently believing it is the right and moral thing to do to exterminate the Ghouls. He hunts the Ghouls in order to prevent more human children from becoming orphaned like himself and he often works after hours to achieve his goals. He wields a Quinque a weapon made from the Kagune of a Ghoul that has the appearance of a polearm with a large cylindrical bludgeon at the end.