Age: 12 14 in 2nd cour Height: 134 cm Birthdate: May 23 Sign: Gemini Princess Asselyum Vers Allusiahttps://anilist.co/character/88175/AsseylumVersAllusias personal maid. Being born on Mars she holds negative thoughts about Earth and its people especially Slainehttps://anilist.co/character/88174/SlaineTroyard as he was born on Earth but is associated with the Vers Empire and Mars. However after returning to her homeland her views on Slaine begin to gradually improve as she reveals to him the identity of the orange Kataphrakts pilot. Although being underage she is a very skilled driver and even claims to be able to pilot a Kataphrakt. Eddelrittuo is a childish and proud girl for her age. Due to her small figure and young age she often does not get the respect she deserves causing her to quickly become frustrated and scold those who do so. Being very close acquaintances with the Princess Asselyum she highly respects her and will even risk her own well being to ensure her safety. She only wishes the best for her often seen being concerned about her and wishes to support her as her maid.