Kana Yabuki

Birthday:Aug 18
Blood Type:A
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture Height: 155 cm Kana has a bright positive personality and can also be very clumsy. Kana loves music especially singing. As long as she can sing she is happy. Yet there is one problem. She has a complex towards her own singing skills and she will express her own insecurities from time to time. Shes tone deaf. Whenever she starts singing any animals in the vicinity will start running and other people will cover their ears. Kana herself is aware of this problem and is always try her hardest to improve her skill day and night. While her singing skills are still under development her talent in playing the clarinet is on par with a professional. She has even been scouted once. Shes also very good at sportsshe always played soccer with the boys in her elementary school years. She could kick the ball out of stadium and in baseball she could outrun the ball itself.