Minako Satake

Birthday:Mar 22
Blood Type:O
Hometown: Tokyo Height: 158 cm One of the theaters big sister figures Minako is dedicated to looking after others and possesses a high endurance level aiming to be of help whenever she can. Minako initially auditioned to become an idol alongside two of her close friends and dreamed of debuting together with them. However Minako ended up being the only one to pass the audition and felt a great wave of guilt come over her leading to her taking time to herself in order to think the offer over. Eventually her friends realised something was bothering her and upon hearing the truth they told Minako that they would always support her and encouraged her to reach her dreams regardless. Minako sometimes still feels guilty over this event especially when asked about who she was most looking forward to seeing at her live. Before becoming an idol most of her time was dedicated to working at her familys Chinese cuisine restaurant known as Satake Restaurant as both a waitress and sometimes even a chef. Minako loves to cook and is known for her ability to produce food in mass quantities. Minako also loves to play fighting games and is known to be very good at them especially when playing as a grappler style fighter even rivalling the likes of Anna. She also claimed that one day shed love to have a live on a sumo wrestling stage.