Yuriko Nanao

Birthday:Mar 18
Blood Type:B
Hometown: Tokyo Height: 154 cm The bookworm of MILLION STARS Yuriko is a girl who loves books very much. She loves reading any genre of book as long as its interesting to her though her favorite genres seem to be fantasy and mystery. As such Yuriko constantly daydreams and imagines about fantastical worlds and the magical aspects of the books she read in her daily life. Yuriko can be shy around strangers but when among her friends or any bookrelated topic or just something that stimulates her quite wild imagination comes up her energetic and cheerful side will come out and she will often talk about books nonstop. She is known to be so passionate about books that she once wrote a review of a book that was over 100 pages long as homework and is feared at the library as the Wild Express Train of the Library which she revealed was longer than the book itself.